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Attorney Andrew Bucklin 


Mediation Attorney

If you are involved in any type of dispute, mediation is a better option than going through the court system. Many matters that end up in small claims court (disputes with contractors, breach of contract or issues with neighbors, to name a few) may be much better served going through the mediation process. In fact, many cases like this end up in mediation because the court pushes them through to avoid a trial. Doesn’t it make sense to avoid court costs, loss of wages due to taking time off and spending all day waiting in court by going to mediation from the beginning?

By choosing to mediate instead of going to court, you can save valuable time and money and also get your situation resolved in much more timely manner. Many cases end up with some sort of compromise when they go to court so it makes sense to have some reasonable flexibility to enable your issue to be resolved quickly and cleanly. By choosing mediation instead of going to court is more cost effective, quicker and tends to prevent the aggravation of the court process. By being practical in these types of situations, you allow yourself to find common ground in your dispute and allow some sort of compromise, while quickly getting back to your life.